5 tips to sleep well during a trip

The good night's sleep when traveling has become equally one of the most valuable targets and which not always can be obtained easily. We prepared this list of 5 tips to sleep well (and rest) during a trip.

Frequent travelers know that one of the biggest challenges when we are away from home is being able to sleep, sleep and rest to be ready the next day. Although it seems it is one of the problems that occur most frequently and which may affect the reason for our trip. 


1. Hotel room selection.

You have to go back to the basics. The higher, in relation to the street, the best, in this way the sound of the cars and the city itself moves away from your room. 

Farther away from the elevator, best, in this way the movement of people in the corridors is lower.

Avoid at all costs the rooms for smokers, smell impregnated the cigar can be very annoying.

Check the operation of the air conditioning as soon as you arrive, if it is noisy or does not work as it should be, request for move you to another room.

2. Test bed and pillows in advance.

Don't wait until it comes the time of sleep to give a try to your mattress, if it is very hard, or even, very soft. The main reason to choose a hotel is the quality of rest, it must not lose sight, therefore, you are within your rights to ask them to change the mattress or that they change you to another room. The same goes for pillows, if you don't like how they feel, or think are not suitable, request a change. You must be comfortable with the cleaning aspects, don't feel bad to ask for a change if you see something dirty or a scent you don't like.

3. Do not see television or cell phone before going to bed.

When traveling, especially when we do it alone, it is very difficult to resist the temptation to turn on the television to distract us either to watch some local programming related to target culture. These stimuli do not help for anything that your brain to relax and find the rest you need. The same happens with the phone, although being away from home we have the need to know what happens in our hometown or which are the most recent news, avoid this temptation. Try that your mind quietly reaches its rest point, little by little until sleep comes. 

For recommendations of this type, I recommend reading Ecoviajes or follow Fernanda Delgadillo

4. Close the curtains

Again a point which may seem obvious, but if you are reading this is probably because you looked online because you can't sleep, try closing the drapes, thus avoiding the lights from the outside that sometimes, if the hotel is in a busy area, may be too high, either it acts will avoid the daylight you wake up until you wish.

5. Not dinner so heavy.

One of the "sins" we commit more frequently when traveling is abusing the food. When we are in a business trip, it's easy to decide for a good lunch or dinner at a restaurant that offers local food, and our curiosity to try other options can lead us to overeat. Leave this type of dining experiences for a time that is not so near bedtime, based on the experience the peak hour to make this type of meals should be 6 o'clock, after this time it is almost certain that disturbs your sleep, so if your goal is to rest most would be worth enduring a little and let the experience for the next day.

With these 5 tips for sleeping well during a trip, you can find a starting point to make your experience more relaxing. 

We must remember that always travel will be a stimulating experience, so our attention and mind is very active and stimulated, so it is not always easy to find the rest that we need. Be patient and you will see that the sleep and the rest will come to get ready for the next day of your trip.

By: Victor Pineda