5 tips for save fuel on the highway

No matter where you live, we always are concerned about saving fuel while driving either at home or on the road. So that is the reason I want to share with you 5 recommendations to use less fuel and make your travel cheaper.

With the spring and the spring break near to come, we have a perfect excuse to go on the road. Take our car or rent a newer one and enjoy that feeling driving for a good time. Also we think road traveling can be a perfect romantic experience, don you think so?

1.Check the tire aire pressure

The tires of every car have a specific air pressure recommendation, usually this information is either in the owners manual or Ina sticker in the door, fuel cap or hood. You may want to use the higher level of pressure when driving a highway for long time. Think in a ball, when is fully inflated or when is not, when it is then is faster, so the same with the tires, higher air pressure, less friction with the road, less fuel consumption. Consider this recommendation only for constant speed highway, when your in town or driving short distance probably you need more comfort and that comes with a lower air pressure.

2.Drive with windows closed

Come on! Let's feel the human heat! Open windows allow external air come to the car making an air bubble, is like having a parachute in the back of your car. Make this experiment, put your hand out of the window when driving more than 50 mph, you will feel the air pressure over your hand. That is what happens with your car and it will be slower and use more fuel, so close the windows.

3.Clean the air filter

Where the hack is the air filter? Actually, what is an air filter? Don't worry, just ask anyone in the gas station some help, is under the hood, in top of the engine and accessible for everyone. Take out the air filter, clean it hitting out the dust or with some pressurized air ant put it back, this will let more air come to the car’s engine and demand less fuel. It could be better if you replace the air filter before traveling.

4.Do not carry baggage outside the car

Try to avoid carrying external bags, over the roof boxes or anything similar, besides look ugly these will only slow your car. If you have a truck try to keep all packed in the center and lower than the actual truck height.

5.Respect the speed limit

Besides the obvious safety reasons, driving in the highway speed without drastic variations usually gets the best performance of your car’s engine. Try also no to go so slow, most of the time the speed limit will give you a good performance and fuel consumption.

With this five recommendations you can save most than 30% of fuel expenses, which mean more budget for vacation or for a romantic dinner, how sounds that? Also you will travel safer.